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Don't wait until it's too late!

Are you looking for a state inspection?

Get everything taken care of in one place at Maple Street Auto Body! We are a certified state inspection station for the state of Massachusetts and can complete your yearly safety inspection with ease. Trust our technicians  to make sure your car is safe on the roads!

Avoid hassle and stress

     • Avoid the hassle of searching for an inspection center

     • Avoid fines that come from not getting an inspection

     • Feel safe in a car that meets safety standards

     • Take care of all of your automotive needs in one

      convenient location

     • Trust our honest team to only recommend the

      necessary repairs or updates for your vehicle

     • Get reliable service from a family owned business

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Get your yearly safety inspection

Don't wait until it's too late! The state of Massachusetts will fine you if your inspection is not completed on time. Avoid fines and hassle when you come to Maple Street Auto Body today!

Proudly serving Marlborough, Hudson, Sudbury, Southboro & Northboro in Massachusetts

Don't delay! Call to schedule your yearly inspection today!


You can also find the truck and auto accessories you've been searching for and take care of your needed body repairs while getting your state inspection.